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The Soldiers of the Civil War wore brogans, a pre-cursor to the boots we wear today. Their design lacked specificity between left and right foots - each boot was made for any Soldier and any foot. If we are to make an impact on each individual today, we must have innovative, precision-based methods to improve wellness, mental health, and community. Our footprint is growing - here's where we are going:  

  • ART EVENTS: Our "Paint & Plant"events are just the beginning! We want to connect veterans with access to art events than can expose them to the benefits of art therapy. Ultimately, we will create oppotunities that span the wide range of art experts and enthusiasts who care about our community. 

  • INNOVATION: There are so many ways to apply innovation to self-assessment and goal setting - we want to find them!

  • RESEARCH: We want to create a team of informed researchers to investigate and evaluate culturally humble strategies that promote effective mental health for all.

  • PREVENTION: We recognize that suicide and homelessness prevention starts with access to wellness skills and a focus on life preservation.

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Have an old uniform you want to put to good use? We can help!

Brogans was born out of the notion that community can be just as powerful in providing coping skills as treatment programs. We started by identifying intersecting needs within the veteran community and recognizing individual strengths can be the pathway to healing. Taking these approaches together - while tailoring inventions to meet the needs of the individual - gives people options and families hope. 


Revolutionizing Psychology... uniform and paintbrush at a time.

Bridgette found a passion for Psychology while serving in the US Army. As a Company Commander, she spent 22 months analyzing and implementing suicide prevention strategies with minimal manning and unimaginable stressors within her unit. This experience spurred a greater appreciation for the study of resilience, the human dimension, and behavioral health services. She completed a Master’s thesis in 2013 on the Army Suicide Prevention Program, then returned to West Point to teach Cadets the power of human-centered design. Pivoting from her career as a Human Resources innovator, Bridgette is now a fifth-year graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Jackson State University. In 2017, Bridgette was selected to be a Pat Tillman Foundation Military Scholar. As a mental health professional, she hopes to specialize in grief, trauma, cultural humility, and writing/art interventions. She plans to revolutionize the way the Army uses Psychology to arm the force.


"healing is art

           for the soul."

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