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Be Y.O.U.

Cultural Knowledge Project

Be Y.O.U. aims to that seeks to empower Women of Color in the military to balance the uniqueness of their individual culture with the characteristics of the organizational culture.

What is the "population of difference"? Women of color are an underrepresented population in the military. When faced with identity issues and transitions from civilian to military lifestyles, we have to be empowered to remain true to ourselves, our history, and our future.


How can we improve the current psycho-educational program? Increasing empowerment and self-expression through discussion and assertiveness.


YEARN for Knowledge: Watch this background Video "Sweet Georgia Brown: Impact, Courage, Sacrifice and Will". This video provides important historical references that show us how past generations overcame adversity at the outset of the integration of women of color into the military


OPEN the Dialogue: In small groups, discuss one topics that affects both the majority and minority population but may be viewed from different lenses. What do you agree on? What do you need to understand better about both perspectives? What is the first step?

UNPACK your own bias: Use assertiveness skills to develop more effective ways of dealing with inter- and intrapersonal conflict. Try to role play at least one situation you have experienced in the past that could have been handled differently.

Measures of Transfer of Training - You should be more confident in your ability to

Want more knowledge? Check out these books:

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